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Sakura in Hong Kong Original Soundtrack

  1. Prelude
  2. Spring Night Love Song (Sakura Version)
  3. Templation of Water
  4. Worry over the School Report
  5. The Fun is Yet to Come
  6. Sunddenly Going to Hong Kong!
  7. Sakura, the Gourmet
  8. Tension Looming Up
  9. To a Foreign Country
  10. Beautiful Visage
  11. Woman in a Dream
  12. Give Me Power
  13. Spring Night Love Song (Chinese Version)
  14. Hidden Secret
  15. Trap of the Small Birds
  16. Absolutely Astonished
  17. Mysterious Water World
  18. A Fuse of Battle
  19. Gathering Courage
  20. Storm of Fury
  21. Memories of Clow
  22. Who's There!
  23. Beyond the Forbidden Area
  24. Mysterious Chaser
  25. Begin Counterattack!
  26. Final Counterattack
  27. Sakura in Imminent Danger!
  28. The Sorceress's Love
  29. Hair Ornament Wet with Tears
  30. Tooi Kono Machi De

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Ammy disse...

oi, eu não estou conseguindo baixar nenhum dos soundtracks dos filmes!
você poderia ver isso para mim?
arigatô ^-^